Ages 4 ~ 7

Mimi & Me program is a unique learning opportunity for children. Based on proven Berlitz Method® and the most up-to-date pedagogical research, Mimi & Me help children learn how to speak and interact naturally in English just as their ability to acquire language starts to peak.

Ages 8 ~ 12

Berlitz designs the innovative English Beat™ that emphasize speaking skills and practical language capability. Students are encouraged to get themselves understood in English from the very beginning and practice English through multimedia materials and role playing. Children discuss their ideas and write down their opinions in different topics.

Ages 13 ~ 18

Time Zones emphasizes more on balanced skills to listen, speak, read and write, not only to speak. Berlitz chooses topics teens are interested in and exposes them to cultures, habits and hobbies of their foreign counterparts. Under such topics of movies, sports, schools, foods, fashion and famous cities, teens efficiently learn English by communicating with our professional, native-fluent instructors.

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