Learn a new language anywhere online with e-Berlitz

Despite your busy work and personal schedule, regardless of your location, you can now learn a new language with flexible options to suit your needs. Learn a new language at home, at the office or on the road. Berlitz offers a choice of two convenient, innovative platforms – CyberTeachers and Berlitz Virtual Classroom®

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Cyber Teachers

CyberTeachers provides every learner with a customised course at very affordable prices.

CyberTeachers Classic

CyberTeachers provides every learner with a customised course at very affordable prices.

Cyber Teachers Live

CyberTeachers Live is the tutor-assisted version of the Classic online program.

Cyber Teachers Phone Lesson

The CyberTeachers Phone lesson learning solution gives you the ultimate in flexible learning.

Berlitz Virtual Classroom

Berlitz Virtual Classroom (BVC) lets you interact in real time with a native-fluent instructor.








Intensive speaking time in every class

In every Berlitz language course, classes are only private 1-on-1 or in small groups with a native-speaking instructor. This maximizes the amount of time that you spend on learning the key skills of a new language. This is at the heart of the Berlitz language teaching method. Only this active, lively form of learning guarantees that you will be able to communicate in your new language quickly and without any inhibitions.


CyberTeachers by Berlitz is an award-winning, web-based online platform that provides customised language training at very affordable prices. You can teach yourself a new language or improve your current skills whenever it suits your schedule. The unique aspect of this program is that all e-Lessons are individually developed and adapted to your level and personal objectives. It is also an ideal option for business language learning, as the innovative platform generates lessons that are customised to each individual's job, business sector and areas of interest. Trainees are able to use the new language in their professional environment from the very first day. CyberTeachers is available in 3-month, 6-month or 12-month packages, so choose an option that’s best for you.

Berlitz Virtual Classroom®

Berlitz Virtual Classroom® is a distance learning program that delivers live lessons in a private one-on-one situation, but combines the power of the effective Berlitz Method® with a leading-edge program that is conducted online in a virtual classroom, so you learn to speak, listen and think in your new language quickly and easily. With only a headset and microphone, you will interact with your private teacher, just as you would in a normal classroom – except it is more convenient for you. The online format is easy to use, and lets you record sessions and play them back for review, including having your materials uploaded into the program for easy access.