Berlitz Global Leadership Training (GLT) is a suite of capability development solutions which equip global leaders with the skills they need for success.

It provides personnel at all levels of an organisation with the necessary balance of communication, intercultural agility and inclusive leadership skills to achieve their objectives in a complex global environment. For international success in the present day, Berlitz – and its many clients – understand that simply acquiring language skills or whether to shake hands or bow to a person is not enough.

An superior level of skills around contextual communication, managing diversity and inclusion, and leadership must be addressed.

Berlitz Global Leadership Training programs also enable Global Leaders to build their personal network – which can help provide global insights, contacts, access to capabilities and resources and other necessary experiences.

For many, the development of these capabilities is often sequential – they have had to build their capability at one level before being ready to move onto the next. Berlitz Global Leadership Training doesn't make the assumption that every individual and organisation will necessarily need to follow a predefined development path, so our development solutions are normally customised to reflect and support the unique needs of every client.